White Gold

White gold looks very nice and is also often chosen as a material for wedding bands. However, there is no white gold that is, of course.

The production of white gold

Gold is always yellow, and by the admixture of other metals can change the color of gold. Rotschimmerndes Gold for example, contains a high copper content. Through the various mixtures of metals caused a variety of colors. White gold, however, is never really hard know this is not possible. To get from YS to white gold to the gold dissimilar metals are white are mixed. These metals include silver, manganese, nickel, etc. Through the incorporation of these metals to gold, the color is removed and thus arises the white gold. White gold is not always white gold, because it always depends on the mixing ratio.

So what should look at white gold allergy

Unfortunately, more people suffer from allergies and a very common allergy is to nickel allergy. As already mentioned above, gold is mixed with nickel to get to white gold. The admixture of nickel is not necessary, because you can also use the other metals. There are white gold producers take the grounds of cost nickel mixing. The EU has set limits on the use of nickel and some sell this as a nickel-white gold white gold. For nickel allergy but it is important that any shares of nickel containing white gold. Only a small amount of nickel in white gold can trigger an allergy. To be sure, one should always ask when buying white gold, whether nickel was used. It would be a shame if the wedding would cause such an allergy.