White Gold Wedding Rings

The material for the white gold wedding rings

White gold is an inexpensive alternative to the precious metal platinum. White gold wedding rings just look noble, but are not as expensive as platinum rings. Only at the beginning of the 20th Century, developed the jewelry industry, white-gold wedding rings. The basis for these gold alloys are pure gold and the addition of bleaching metals such as palladium. In the early days was used for nickel, however, this material caused allergies in sensitive people. Therefore, it is no longer used in the jewelry industry. In alloys with a lower proportion of fine gold and silver is used for decolorization. When white gold rings rhodium plated to bear the name, then rhodium was used as a protection against the attempt. The minor metals of platinum causes a whitish color, making the white gold wedding rings and scratch the surface less sensitive. Rhodium is also used for silver as a protection against tarnishing.

Why white gold wedding rings?

White gold wedding rings are enjoying great popularity especially among young couples. White gold wedding rings are a symbol of style and taste, it is a very noble material. Diamonds or diamonds come in such high-quality jewelry to their best advantage. But other colored gemstones such as ruby, emerald and sapphire in white gold rings contribute especially fine. White gold rings are classic and timeless. Especially for people who prefer silver jewelry to gold, white gold is an excellent alternative. Unlike white gold not silver darkens. White gold wedding ring is something very special place and have a constant value. But you should also withstand stress, as many partners wear a wedding ring every day. A high quality is therefore particularly important.

History and traditions around white gold wedding rings

A nice gesture, it is also when a white gold wedding ring, gold or platinum within families across generations is passed on. This custom of the wedding ring exchange, we owe to the Romans, and then only the women wore a wedding ring as an outward sign. Wedding rings have always been a symbol of fidelity, constancy, and in the Christian faith as a sign of unity before God. Even among the Jews, wedding rings are known. You can purchase his white gold wedding rings with or without engravings from the dealer. The inscriptions are placed outside or inside the ring. For example, was found in antiquity a Roman wedding bands engraved with “pignus amoris habes” – “You have my pledge of love”. Nowadays it is more common to have engraved the name of the partner and the date of marriage. More rarely we find also in white gold wedding rings engraved words such as “For ever yours” or “in love”.