Physical Gold Purchase

Many investors look to stocks or bonds for a balanced portfolio, but a physical gold purchase should be part of everyone’s saving plan, for in the worst of times, physical gold is an investment that can literally save your life. Throughout the millennia, as invasion and war swept through the world, physical gold has been the safety net to the people.

Buying solid gold is a cleaver way of investing and holding gold. Over the past six thousand years gold has been regarded as a form of money and store of wealth. The use of gold has far outshined the alternatives for a number of reasons including its scarcity, brilliance, softness and resistance to rust.

Many will make their investment by opening an account on line with an authorized gold depository where purchases are kept in a secure vault and can be traded as easily as stocks. If the purpose of buying is to take physical possession of the gold, then renting a safety deposit box is an answer. Also do not forget to check out the tax implications in your jurisdiction before deciding on investing in bullion bars.

There are many more gold brokers today than there were just a few years ago. Physical gold coins and bars can be purchased from and sold to many online brokers, including Kitco and AmeriGold. These brokers have made buying and selling physical gold through them as easy and attractive as possible by offering near instant payments and a guaranteed sales prices.

A 12.5 kilogram gold bar is a lot of money for many people and comes under the category of big ticket items. Such bullion bars would really be sold to dealers who have a high cash flow. And it is much easier for private individuals to afford the smaller gold bars and coins, hence increasing their marketability.

Many who have had to leave their land with only the clothes on their backs, and a gold coin or two, were able to begin again thanks to the value of their golden foresight. The Vietnamese who escaped their country a few decades ago with only a few gold coins were able to set up businesses and begin their new life with a strong footing. In fact, every time there is war, coups, or even government abuse, those who escape on the “last plane out” usually do so with a nest egg of gold.