How to Sell Gold Jewelry

If you want to sell gold, you should first find gold dealers according to the current gold prices. Soon you will find a selection of reputable dealers in this article. The current gold prices are usually can be found on the websites of these dealers.

If you want to sell gold, it is fundamentally important to note that there is a spread - it is a difference – between purchase price and selling price there. This will vary dealer to dealer (Check other articles for more details) with banks and savings banks but tend to be significantly higher than for Internet precious metal dealers.

However, you should not miss it because of this price difference by a commitment to hold physical gold, are but such spreads in the investment field in general practice: Even if you have an equity purchase, you will receive an initial fee must be paid – regardless if you are about the direct trade with a spread Certificates have to accept.

Banks and savings banks will be in general much less pay for your gold as a precious metals trader, what their platform on the Internet operate. So you will sell your gold, therefore, preferably online.

If you get an overview of the market situation, then you should call your dealer or contact by e-mail for offer. If the dealer agrees with the price, he will send you a confirmation and the details of the transaction accordingly. The collection by a value logisticians will be discreet as well as the delivery of gold ordered.

Conclusion: If you want to sell gold, the selling dealer via the Internet is not only advantageous by price than the sale to banks or savings banks, but it is also convenient, safe and discreet.