How to Melt Gold

Gold is one of the world’s precious metals. It is used in numerous countries as currency – which is why some still covet. In various places it is melted and turned into gold ingots – also recognized as gold bars – which can be traded and bought for a definite price.

To begin with you need to collect all of the spare gold items that you own and put them in a pot. You have to remove any other precious stones like diamonds before you are able to do anything else. Once you have completed this you will be able to place the pot within a furnace. Ensure that you are utilizing the required safety gear and equipment when doing this.

Purchase or obtain high-quality gold from reputable sources. This will ensure that you will start with quality materials once you have melted the gold down and prepared it for its next stage.

Use a soldering tool appliance to melt the gold down to a semi-pliable form to use to either reform the gold or spread it out to a flat form.

Heat the solder up to 710/787 degrees Fahrenheit or 1310/1450 degrees Celsius. This ensures that the temperature will be sufficient enough to effectively melt the gold and bring it to a workable state.

Form the gold into the desired piece or state while it is hot. If the product cools too soon, it will have to be re-melted. Gold, as does all other precious metals, loses a significant amount of its chemical structure once it is heated and cooled over and over.

Cool the gold after shaping and allow it to harden and set.

Tip: Before placing in the crucible, remove stones or other metals that might be attached to your gold.

Warning: Wear safety goggles when using the acetylene torch. An acetylene flame is extremely bright and can damage the eyes. Also be very careful of fire. Do not wear loose clothing, and clear away all flammable materials.