Gold has always fascinated people, not only because of its color, its characteristics, but also because of its value. On our website we are dealing comprehensively with the subject of gold. The theme of gold is very extensive and versatile.

Examples on Gold:

- There is the gold bars
- The gold coins
- Old gold
- White gold
- Gold in Jewelry

This is only a small selection of topics related to gold. We will inform you in detail, in any case on the subject around gold.

In the search for gold

Who does not know the good old movies where it comes to the search for gold and gold mines? Most of us have even seen such a film. These films reflect a part of history again around gold.

Anyone who even with the 19 Century has occupied will find that there were at that time was a frenzy for gold. Crowds were attracted to the areas where gold was found. In California, Alaska, South Africa and Australia too, people were searching for gold. The people who were making the search for the gold, had hoped to become very rich. Unfortunately, very few gold by this time have become rich.

But gold has been before 19 Century played a large part, because in the Old Testament, gold is mentioned. There are found objects such as the Mask of Agamemnon, which show us the gold was used very early.

Gold today

As already mentioned above Gold is a metal that has always fascinated people and this has remained so.
Gold is found today in the field of investment, because it has a very high value. Gold is still used in medicine, such as in the dental field. Which, of course not be missing here is the jewelry that is made of gold.