Gold Pendants

For many years, gold chains are sold with trailers. Women with such an ornate piece of jewelry like a beautiful décolleté.

Various gold pendants

Depending on what decade are hot in the jewels, they fall times subtle and lush views from. They can be beautifully decorated or ornamented with precious stones. For example, it was fashionable in the 80s to wear large crosses as a gold pendant. Timeless are the heart and star, four-leaf clovers, and other natural motifs. Zodiac is also happy to be worn as a gold pendant. For several decades, a particularly popular is the Amulet Pendant

The amulet as a gold pendant

The term comes from Latin and translates as much as rejuvenator. With an amulet as a gold pendant magical power to connect. It will bring good luck or protect them from harm. So imagine the people that gold pendant in the form of amulets, magical powers that have influence on people, can counteract.
Thus, pregnant women wore and wear amulets. Even in the Stone Age were beads, used stones (rock crystal, amber) or shells for the amulets. Also available as a love charm amulets and gold pendants are worn. A few decades ago it was fashionable, that amulets were hinged and photographs of his loved ones could be affixed on the inside.

Using the gold pendant and charms

In the Arab countries is still a silver or gold pendant against the “evil eye” – the eye or eye of Horus known. In the Maghreb countries as well as in the Arab region is the hand of Fatima, a popular gold pendant.
The Egyptians put on a gold pendant scarab or nodes. For the Assyrians, the amulet containing a tablet with appropriate incantations. Among the Chinese coins hole to work with spells in a secret gold and worn as a pendant.
And the various religions, there are amulets. Christians still bear the cross as an expression of their faith, other uses of the sacred relics and gold supporter pilgrim signs. When was the ancient Greeks, for example, the Golden Flies a popular amulet. In the Germanic pagan religions Donarskeule or Thors hammer were worn as a gold pendant in silver, or even execution.
Among the Indians of North America is worn instead of a gold-trailer medicine bag, which ensures the survival of the tribe. Among the Persians amulets in the form of glass heads are known. Since the gold is attributed to some positive energy in this country are particularly coveted gold pendant with the ladies.