Gold Hoop Earrings

Gold Hoops are available in different sizes and widths. This is an extremely trendy and anything but conservative earrings.

History of the Gold Hoops

Where exactly is Gold Hoops are not just survived. Similar earrings was found at Ur in Mesopotamia. In Sumerian tombs of previous Hoops around 2500 BC were discovered. These ancient amulets decorated ring were symbols of the moon or snake, and were intended to protect the ears. These were in ancient times as a place where the intelligence sits considered. The current name got the circular Gold Hoops by the same West African nation.
Gold Hoops were originally worn by slaves and Gypsies. The rings first arrived in the 18th Century in fashion. The French Queen Marie Antoinette liked to wear fine jewelry and loved Hoops to their elegant dresses.
The pirate Corto Maltese has favored Gold Hoops. In the 19th Century, it was said, these rings would improve eyesight and protect. It was also customary for men wearing rings, which were marked with symbols of their profession. So they brought the membership of certain guilds and cohesion with colleagues expressed. For example, was the symbol of the angular measure of the profession in the carpenter or the horseshoe for the blacksmith.
For a long time Gold Hoops disappeared into oblivion. But in the 70′s earrings were rediscovered and enjoyed a comeback.

Various models of Gold Hoops

There are lightweight and portable models, refined attached with jangling jewels and more purist-looking models. Gold Hoops can just as well with casual outfits City to be worn as an elegant evening dress or pantsuit.
They come in various colors, sizes, and round or oval in design. The width varies with Gold Hoops. Particularly interesting are the closures. There are earrings that are simply inserted through the ear and then secured with a closure as small plugs. On the other hand, there are Gold Hoops, consisting of a tube in which is the opposite – a small pen – imported. This is somewhat difficult without practice.