Gold Coins Prices

Throughout time, from the Greek and Roman ages to more modern times, civilizations flourished with sound money. The gold coin has proved to be the time-tested answer for societies desiring economic prosperity. The alternative, fiat currency, has resulted in the demise of prosperous civilizations since Roman times. The word “fiat” means by government edict. It is simply impossible for a government to magically proclaim sound money and reliable purchasing power of wealth with paper currency. This fact prompts Americans to consider investing in gold coins.

For most purposes there is a safer, easier and cheaper way to buy gold than coins. But if you wish to own coins there are indeed a number of bullion gold coins in the world. Bullion gold coins are used as an alternative form of wealth storage to traditional currency. The attraction of bullion gold coins is that they retain near full value regardless of either change of government or being transported outside their country of issue.

American Gold Buffalo Coin

In June, 2006, the United States Mint commenced production of America’s very first 24-karat, pure gold (.9999% fineness) one-ounce coin, the American Buffalo. This beautiful gold coin, nicknamed “The Buffalo,” is based upon American sculptor James Earle Fraser’s revered Buffalo Nickel of 1913. The Buffalo displays Fraser’s classic design of an American Indian on the coin’s obverse and the renown American bison on the reverse.

American Gold Eagle Coin

After careful consideration, the United States Mint decided to copy the design of the $20 Saint-Gaudens gold coin for the obverse of its new Gold Eagle. The $20 Saint-Gaudens was commissioned by Theodore Roosevelt to create coins of awe like the ancient Greek and Roman coins. The date, situated to the viewer’s right of Miss Liberty, appears in Roman Numerals in the years from 1986-91 it has appeared in Arabic Numerals ever since.

How to calcultate the gold price per ounce you are paying for a gold coin

If a 1/2 ounce gold coin costs $300US. Mulitple the gold coin price ($300) by 2 = $600 per ounce. In this example you would be paying the equivilant of $600US per ounce.

Example 2. How to calculate the percentage above the spot gold price you are paying for a gold coin.

Pecentage above spot gold price = ((Gold Coin Price per Ounce(Calculated in Example 1.) divided by the price of gold per ounce) – 1.

e.g. If we have a current gold price of $440 per ounce and we have calculated in example 2 above that we are paying $600 per ounce then we have:

Percentage above spot gold price = ($600/$440)-1
= 1.36 – 1
= 0.36
= 36%

In this example you are paying 36% above the current gold price.