Gold Certificates

To avoid the cost of paying for storage, you can purchase gold certificates from the Perth Mint in Australia. For no additional charges, you can hold it in an unallocated account, which means you have certificates redeemable for gold but you do not have specific bars and coins set aside for you. Most investors opt to own their bullion in unallocated accounts as there are no insurance or holding fees on them and there is the flexibility of being able to transfer to an allocated account simply by paying small fabrication fees should the investor deem it necessary. Bullion can be shipped internationally from an allocated account or from an unallocated account once it has been converted to allocated.

Gold Certificates or Physical Gold?

Keep in mind that holding gold certificate still entails some risks, because the gold certificates are in the end only a piece of paper without any intrinsic value, while the physical gold is the real deal. For investors interested in gold, combining gold certificates with actual physical ownership of gold might prove to be an excellent hedge against inflation and fiat currency devaluation.