Gold Bullion

You can purchase numismatic (rare and antique) gold coins that have value on the collector’s market beyond their gold content. This value will increase greater in relation to that of bullion coins when the price of gold is increasing, and the inverse is true as well. Gold bullion coins in the last twenty years have become the most liquid, divisible, and accepted form of gold bullion worldwide, and they enjoy a much more favorable ‘spread’ than bullion bars. In the U.S, they are simply the smartest way to buy gold if you are going to take physical possession of the bullion yourself.

Where to buy Gold Bullion?

You can buy online from gold bullion dealers. On your preferred search engine, look for “gold bullion” or “gold dealers.” If you have a particular kind in mind – like the American Eagle gold coins, or the Maple Leaf (Canadian gold coins) or Krugerrand, to name a few of the most popular gold coins – then do a search for that particular coin or gold coin dealers.