Gold Bracelet

Many women, but men also liked to wear it: the gold bracelet. It is timelessly elegant and reflects good taste. Whether plain or braided, or as a tank with various chain bracelet, embossed or multicolored, gold bracelets, there are many different designs. Is it a rigid specimen, it is called bracelet. Carried to both the bracelet and the gold bracelet on the right or left wrist, is enclosed with this.

The historical development and significance of the Gold Bracelet

Jewelry was taken in the earliest days of mankind. So there was that time jewelry for the neck and arms, as finds from the Palaeolithic located. There was then a simple composite, and chains. First, copper and bronze were processed into beads, rolls, plates, discs and rings. About the metal processing, glass and plastics manufacturing continued to develop the bracelet and the bracelet. When precious materials were used such as silver and gold jewelry was regarded as valuable.
Hunters and warriors wore bracelets on your wrist as a protection, for example against sword blows. Male Celtic warriors wore silver bracelets that represented their status and power as the nobles. The bracelet became the Armilla, the bracelet, which received the German emperors at their coronation.

Gold bracelet has different patterns, shapes and colors

There is a gold bracelet is smooth or swallowed into itself. Popular For example, the Figaro pattern. Even tanks bracelets in gold are desirable because they are quite stable in its design and thus do not wear out so easily. Unusual pieces have a herring-bone or dice pattern. There are frosted, or polished diamond designs.
The colors of the bracelets may vary. A gold bracelet can therefore be made of white gold, yellow gold or rose gold. It is also possible two-toned or treifarbige bracelets, this is what we call bicolor or tricolor.

Gold bracelet and its use

Not only as ornaments, the gold bracelet is used. For example, bracelets and watches made of gold can be. The bracelets here fulfill the purpose that you can wear comfortably on the wrist by the clock.
Gern, a gold bracelet is accepted as a gift. Especially popular for the christening, name day or birthday of a young child are gold bracelets with labels on which are engraved on wishful thinking and / or the name of the child.
The bracelet is inspired by the gold bracelet for the foot, the ankle chains.