Gold 999

999 gold is pure gold and is also called Feingold. Items that are made of 999 gold have a wonderful and many people an irresistible sheen.

Examples of 999 gold

The problem with the 999 gold is that it is very soft and the manufacture of jewelry for that reason is not quite so simple. But there is still the opportunity to make jewelry from 999 gold to leave. Goldsmith, for example, offer their customers to make 999 gold jewelry made by hand. The goldsmith will then process the Gold 999 by hand to the desired jewelry. Of course, the price of 999 gold jewelry is very high, especially if it was produced by hand. If you think about it make the wedding bands of gold to 999, should bear in mind that gold is very soft and can scratch over the years.

There are also gold coins which were made of gold 999, such as the China Panda-Bear.

Purchase or sale of Gold 999

Those who wish to buy, for example, has a necklace of Gold999 want, you should check the internet once. Some 999 people sell their jewelry, they have inherited, for example, or even wear them any longer. With luck, one comes relatively cheap for a very valuable piece of jewelry. Of course, you can sell his gold jewelry including well over 999 gold distributors, and even there you can turn to buy 999 gold jewelry. There are also numerous addresses on the Internet. Applies here as everywhere, please before comparing.