Gold 333

Gold 333 is one of the jewels of gold. It can create color white, pale yellow, yellow, pink, orange or red have. It is often sold in Germany. Gold 333 is in addition to the trade names and 333er Gold 333/000 Gold as Au333 or Au 33 is replaced. It is also known as ct gold 8 carat gold 8 or designated 8-carat gold. But gold 333 is not really a real gold. It is namely lack the typical characteristics of this precious metal.

Composition of Gold 333

With a share of 8-carat gold is only about one third of gold, more units are made of copper and / or silver. In addition there are other alloys such as tin, zinc or nickel. Established is that alloys are usually named after the metal, which is the main component. A 333er gold alloy, for example, 22% copper and silver is rightly provides for a 45% silver alloy containing gold, so no gold.

Gold 333 in Germany and elsewhere

Nevertheless, it is possible in Germany, that this so-called “third gold is processed” on jewelry and must be stamped 333 for the fineness. In almost all other countries this is not possible. Therefore, it is possible that the EU will replace them or even worldwide 333er gold alloy by 375th This is the internationally well-known and more broadened with a minimum standard of fine gold content of 9 carats.

The material properties of Gold 333

Precious metals are known that they are tarnishing. Gold 333 runs at but. The reason is that gold alloys to 370 (with the help of information contained in the air, chemicals such as ammonia or hydrogen sulfide) discolored. The greenish to brownish veil on Gold 333 must be removed with regular cleaning, you want to wear a beautiful piece of jewelry. Gold continues to put 333 strikes also highly concentrated acids. A very pale color, which sees the beautiful shiny gold is no longer similar, is the result.

Also in the production of gold is not as easy to handle 333, such as higher-value alloys. So it has a small melting at relatively low melting range, can be bad solder or casting and curing. It has a relatively high hardness and strength at low elongation properties.

Gold 333 thus receives a beautiful deep yellow color, is predominantly added zinc, but this increases the sensitivity of the gold alloy to ammonia. Thus it is possible that corroded gold 333rd Zinc, but improve the castability of gold 333rd.