Bullion Gold Bars

Gold is a word that has changed the lives of many people today and continue to stand alone when it come to investing for the future. In this modern day, bullion gold bars are known for its easy diversification investments. There hasn’t been a better time to educate yourself about future investing and Bullion Vault.

Gold bullion comes in many sizes and from many producers. Gold bullion may be bought in a variety of weights and sizes, ranging from as little as one gram to 400 troy ounces (1 kilogram is equivalent to 32.1507 troy ounces) which is the size of the internationally traded London Good Delivery bar. The term “small bars” refers to bars weighing 1000g or less.

Gold bars are produced in a wide variety of sizes, shape, and fineness, most of them destined for one-way transit to manufacturing end-users who intend to refabricate the gold into other forms such as industrial/electronic plating or decorative applications. Most gold bars are not intended for use as investment products (i.e., recirculated on the secondary public market) primarily because their authentic weight and purity both fall into question owing to the ease of tamperability once the bars have traveled outside of the original commercial chain of custody.

Are gold bars good buys?

The primary reason to buy gold bars instead of the popular gold bullion coins is that gold bullion bars sell at smaller markups over spot than do the popular gold bullion coins.

Investors who simply want to buy gold with the smallest markup over spot should consider buying Austrian 100 Coronas or Mexican 50 Pesos, which were the primary gold bullion coins of the 1970s, before Gold Maple Leafs (1979) and American Gold Eagles (1986) were introduced.

Today Austrian 100 Coronas and Mexican 50 Pesos are no longer promoted in the U.S. But, because they are no longer promoted, they often carry smaller premiums over spot than new 1-oz Credit Suisse and PAMP gold bars. However, Austrian 100 Coronas and Mexican 50 Peso gold coins are not always available.

Today gold bars are also popular and safe because large private manufacturers such as Pamp Suisse, for example, standardized production and created the polished look which makes gold bullion bars so enticing and appealing.

Whether you invest in Bullion gold bars or gold coins, it is good to know that your investments are secure inside Bullion Vault because it doesn’t matter if you purchase small or large amount, your gold is stored in secure Brinks vault.