18 Karat Gold

With the unit in 18-carat carat gold is only the weight of gems and the purity of precious metals, especially gold given here.

What does the “carat” 18-carat gold?

The term comes from the French “le carat. In the Middle Latin it became “carratus. Arabic is called the carat “Qirat” and Greek “keration” or “kerateia”, which means we are horny. The reason is that as the weight of a carat initially dried seeds nucleus was identified by the carob tree.
These cores were on average due to the standard size and the almost uniform weight (about 0.2 grams) are often used as a weight of stones. 18 carat gold perhaps the calculation is correct to 18 seeds.

Then it was established in the Middle Ages that a carat is equal to the weight of 4 wheat and 3 barley grains. In this country there was little time gold weights. They described 24 Part of a mark. One mark is the unit weight for the determination of fineness of gold, for example, 18 carat gold. One mark is 12 A Roman Gran Gran equivalent to the weight of a barley grain, almost exactly 47 milligrams.

How much gold content is 18 carat gold?

The carat specification indicates the ratio of gold and other materials, such as silver or copper. Is abbreviated kt or carat with C.
Since it is in 18 carat gold to 750 gold, equivalent to 75% purity. In this precious metal is particularly strong and also has many excellent material properties, which make it permanent. 18 carat gold has a great quality. It has a rich color and a fantastic shine. Furthermore, it does not start, and virtually indestructible.