100 Euro Gold Coin

For collectors and investors is the 10 euro gold coin a popular item. Against the euro, there were DM coins. Back in May of 2002, the year of introduction of the euro, came the first 100 euro coin on the market, which was coined in Germany. She devoted herself to the “introduction of the euro”. From then on, every year launched a new $ 100 gold coin.

What motives, the $ 100 gold coin?

After it was launched in 2002, the 100 euro coin on “Introduction of the euro”, there were about 2003 another UNESCO world heritage town of Quedlinburg. In 2004 it was the “UNESCO World Heritage city of Bamberg. 2005, a year before the FIFA World Cup Germany, a corresponding $ 100 gold coin came on the market: “FIFA World Cup Germany 2006.

In the year 2006 was then the “UNESCO World Heritage Site classic Weimar,” a central theme of the annual coinage of $ 100 gold coin. The UNESCO World Heritage city of Lübeck was dedicated 2007, a coin, 2008, it was the old city of Goslar as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Roman Monuments, Cathedral and Church of Our Lady in Trier this year are the motif of the $ 100 gold coin. For 2010, the “Würzburg Residence and Court Garden” is selected as a future subject. The motives for the 100 gold coins for Euro 2011 “Wartburg in Eisenach,” and 2012 “Aachen Cathedral” and 2013 “Garden Kingdom of Dessau-Wörlitz”

Material of the $ 100 gold coin

999.9 – 999 Feingold is the material from which produced a 100 euro gold coin. It weighs 15.5 grams and has the outside diameter of 28 mm. The edge of the coin is milled. The circulation of the $ 100 gold coin is up to 500,000 units.
There is in addition to the $ 100 gold coin even more gold coins?

Indeed, the BRD has also released a one-time $ 200 gold coin, again 2002 on the introduction of the euro “. This $ 200 gold coin wieg 31.1 g at a diameter of 32.5 mm. The print run is 100,000 coins. The edge of the coin is smooth, an engraved decoration was deepened. Anton Zvone Neuberg Jesovsek from the city created the image side. It shows the euro logo surrounded by stars in a circle. Furthermore, the known motifs of the notes will be cited by means of bridges and elements of architecture in the form of images. Described the whole thing with the slogan “transition to monetary union – the introduction of the euro”. On the value side are on the $ 100 gold coin is an eagle, the words “Federal Republic of Germany, 12 European stars and the value label” 100 “or” 200 “with the name euro. Of course, this includes the year 2002 and the mint mark of the 5 mint mark of the corresponding German Münzstädte.

With the 200 – and 100 euro gold coin, the historical situation has been assessed and a remembrance created.

Originally, the requirement of a $ 100 gold coin only planned until 2008. But because many collectors and investors wanted to have these coins, the series is extended until 2013.

How is the $ 100 gold coin?

Depending on the current price of gold to the initial launch date is also developing the selling price for German Euro coins. Will add a surcharge for processing. The initial issue price is set by the Federal Securities Administration and is considered collectible coins of the FRG.
It is striking that have risen steadily in recent years, the issue price of 100 euro gold coin to more than threefold. As the demand in the run was already higher than the statutory maximum run length, the Authority ruled that all orders are reduced and the allocation was decided by lot. Anyone who has raised his order to get in any case, a coveted 100-euro gold coin.