Save Money on Clothing

Many of us enjoy shopping for ourselves; whether we’re male, female, young or old, buying a new garment can be a really satisfying experience. Some people buy clothes only when they need to, picking carefully to ensure maximum wear. Others buy clothes on a whim, and spend far more than they really should. How many items of clothing do you have in your wardrobe that you never wear? It’s likely that you’ve got a few things that no longer fit you or that you’ve forgotten about.

Spending money on clothes is a polarising subject. For some, they’d rather spend as little money as possible, and they don’t care about brand names. For others, spending a decent amount of money on clothing is a way to ensure longevity and quality. Whichever camp you’re in, or even if you’re somewhere in between, saving money on clothes is possible.

Try Second Hand

Many people turn their noses up at second hand clothing, yet would happily borrow clothes from a friend. As long as they are washed properly, and you’re only buying second hand outer garments, then there is no risk of germs! There are many ways to buy second hand clothes – charity shops on your local high street can stock some excellent bargains if you have the time to hunt for them, or if you’re looking for something more specific then you may want to try eBay or similar. Vintage shops are also a good bet, and if you’re a fan of designer clothing, then dress agencies and specialist designer charity shops can hold a wealth of hardly-worn clothing for a fraction of the cost.

Swish and Swap

Swishing is a relatively new activity whereby you take your unwanted clothes to an event, and swap these garments for tokens. These tokens can ‘buy’ you other items of clothing that have been brought along by other ‘swishers’. These events can be huge, so the choice of clothing is excellent. You could do this with friends too, and it’s a win-win situation; you get rid of clothes you no longer wear and gain some ‘new’ ones instead…all without spending a penny. Keep an eye on your local events page, or why not set up your own?

Make Conscious Purchases

It can be all too easy to pop to the shops for a look around, and come home with one or two new tops or a pair of jeans that were on sale. All shops use tactics to get us to spend our money, and some can be very clever indeed. Rather than pick up the odd piece of clothing here and there, you should instead try to curb this habit and only buy the things you really need. Empty your wardrobe out and go through every piece of clothing one by one. If you forgot you owned something, if you haven’t worn it in over a year or if it doesn’t fit, then get rid of it! Everything else should be sorted into outfits. You’ll soon realise the things that are missing from your clothing collection, so write a list and stick to it the next time you’re out and about.

This article is a guest post by Coral Pearce-Mariner. For more top money saving tips visit the Loans4Tenants blog.


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