Red Gold

The beautiful red-colored gold alloys are called red gold. But there is fine adjustment of reddish yellow gold, orange, russet and red gold with a slight purple sheen (purple, gold). Orange gold, brown gold and rose gold are more possible shades of color.

What is red gold?

In rose gold is a correspondingly high proportion of processed copper. This material gives the gold to the reddish tinge. With greater amounts of copper, however, increases the susceptibility to oxidation. This is running on Red Gold Red gold 585 times and under certain negative influences can muddy-brown discoloration received.

The fineness of rose gold are 33 to 75 percent. If the higher gold content, the proportion of copper is no longer so significant. Rose gold arises.

Surface in rose gold

Some rose gold has undergone a special treatment of the surface with yellow gold to color red, the gold and to improve the unfavorable material properties. Thus it is possible that a galvanic coating or temper color was applied. In this case, the colors, however, exist only on the surface. For everyday wear and abrasion resulting disappears colored coating. Such a rose gold is therefore particularly suitable for finger rings. Also important is the clear indication by the manufacturer or jewelry dealer that farbbehandelte alloys are not consistent, but only dyed on the surface. 
How red gold is reported?

In Germany, rose gold is to gold and may be marked with the 333er Gold Temple. The condition is that the gold content is at least 33 percent. Almost all other countries rose gold hallmark until a grade of 37.5 percent as 375 or gold at a grade of 58.5% as gold 585th.