Rare Gold Coins

There are several gold American coins that have captured my imagination. There is something magical about them and their history. In this article I would like to talk about a few of them.

America’s most famous U.S. Mint rare gold coins are Pre-1933 coins. They were beautifully designed and have great long-term profit potential in a rising gold market. They were minted at six different US Mints and are a great way for investors to get started collecting rare gold coins.

One of my favourites is the 1795 $5 half eagle. This coin was the first gold coin struck by the United States. It was Mint Director David Rittenhouse, who in 1794 let it be known that gold bullion would now be accepted as coinage. A deposit certificate issued by the Mint was purchased by John Vaughan with half dollars made from silver he deposited. Vaughn purchased the second deposit of gold. What I like about the 1795 is its simple style. With a Capped Lady Liberty on the obverse and the traditional eagle holding a wreath in its mouth.

Collectible rare gold coins are distinct in that they are harder to come by, and therefore considered more valuable. The age and condition of rare coins are, of course, key factors in determining their value, but also important is their attainability. Following the law of supply and demand, if the demand for an item is high and the supply of it is low, that item becomes more expensive.