Are loans for unemployed workers possible?

August 24th, 2013

It is not easy to get loans if you are not employed as most of the lenders want the loan applicants to have regular employment and good credit history. But, there are offers of loans for unemployed workers who fulfill the expected criteria. The rates of interest are inevitably high. Credit cards can be considered for quick cash advance if you are not employed.  But you need to be aware of the expensive nature of the cards. There are other options about which we can see here in this article.

Options of loans if you are unemployed

Home Equity Line of Credit can be opted if you have some equity in real estate.  Your life insurance policy can produce some amount of money about which you can get informed through your insurance company. Once you repay your loan, you can use the same strategy the next time you need funds. These loans have long terms varying between 5 and 25 years and the terms are flexible and so highly beneficial to the borrowers.  There are lenders who are willing to offer loans for unemployed workers. These lenders do not need proof of income if you are able to make a down payment amounting to 25% or more of the loan amount.

A car title loan can be a good option of loans for unemployed workers if their vehicles are eligible for the approval of loans.  You get the loan instantly, but the interest rates are high, though not as high as payday loans. The terms of the loans are longer and the application for car title loans can be submitted online.  There are options of debt consolidation loans for unemployed workers in which the repayments are minimized and so the loan repayments are not stressful to the borrowers who are already struggling due to unemployment. With a good research, you can locate debt management firms that can guide you regarding loans for unemployed workers.

Debt consolidation loans as a good option

The debt consolidation loans are the best support as the interest rates are lower and the borrowers do not have the stress of following various payments towards debts. By focusing on a single repayment, the mental burden of the borrower is much reduced and with lower interest rates financial burden is minimized.  If you are in need of a larger amount of loan, you can try to get the support of friends or family members with good credit record to co sign a loan. If the lenders are convinced of repayment, they are sure to offer loans for unemployed workers for better deals.

Loans from pawnbrokers can be availed with some valuable asset set as security. The value appraised will be much lower than the actual worth and the loan amount will be lesser with overwhelming interest rate and failing to make the payments will result in the loss of the asset fixed as security. This is rather a dangerous option.  Some of the payday loan providers offer payday loans for unemployed workers with the proof of some sort of income which may not be the income from their regular employment. These loans are short term loans and highly expensive that should be considered only if the situation is very grave and there is no other source of funds.

Causes of Savings and Loan Crisis!

August 24th, 2013

Due to the sag in the economy, people have begun to research the Savings and Loan crisis to compare the economy in the early 20th century with the present time economy. Savings and Loan associations known well as thrifts are specialized in financial issues related to loans and savings accounts. These banking organizations are originated with the motive of supporting the individuals to get out of their debts and purchase homes. These were started after the Great Depression. Before the Great Depression, the mortgages were offered from the insurance providers and not from the banks and these mortgaged were different from the current day loans.

Savings and Loans Associations

The mortgages provided by the insurance companies were loans for short terms and they had balloon transaction while the loans were nearing maturity. Due to this, many people had to keep refinancing their houses or they had to opt for foreclosure since they were not able to handle the increasing payments. This grave situation initiated the origination of Savings and Loans Associations in 1932 when the Federal Home Loan Bank Act was approved by the legislature. The purpose is to provide the finance needed by the banks and savings and loans associations to encourage the purchase of home by offering long lasting mortgages.

The Savings and bad credit loans associations were directed to help the savings and loan crisis and certain guidelines were specified for the same. To enable increased approval of loan applications for the purchase of homes, the lending requirements were much relaxed. Due to this particular feature, many more people opted for this plan and got quick approval. Federal Deposit Insurance was raised and this helped in the purchase of properties for more value. Due to inflation, the value of the goods increased. The banks wanted to increase the capital amount but ended up making investments that were not promising.

The Savings and Loans Associations were in trouble as they depended on the savings deposits and home mortgages for their revenue. And inevitably, the rate of the mortgage increased to a great extent making the loans impossible for many people. This could be the first part of the savings and loan crisis with event that got the Savings and Loans in trouble. The inflation and stagflation had negative impact on most of the savings and loans associations. However, this could not be attributed to the savings and loan crisis.

Savings and loan crisis is due to the poor response of the concerned politicians and lenders to the economic situation at that time. An important lesson that could be learnt from savings and no credit check loans crisis is that improper regulations and adverse economical policies could cause great disaster in the economy of the nation. This blunder cost a very huge amount of money to the government. The taxpayers were burdened with hefty taxes. A great value of assets was lost due to the savings and loan crisis.

Organise shipping to USA the Easy Way!

January 7th, 2013

You don’t need me to tell you how much the world has changed in just a few short years; first it was email, then the mobile phone and now we can remain in constant contact with distant relatives and friends through any number of social media. It is now so easy to exchange messages and ideas through any number of social media that the term “friend” itself has broadened to include people you might never have met in person, and perhaps never will. As our social circles widen it seems we are also increasingly turning to courier services to send gifts abroad too and, as anyone who has used such a service will probably tell you, sending a parcel isn’t quite as straight forward as sending an email – not yet at least.

There’s a wealth of material available online at the moment that can help you find a reliable courier for almost any kind of delivery you can think of; in fact, the trickiest part can actually be choosing between the many options on offer. Whether you’re shipping to USA, China or Australia you’ll soon discover that the number of couriers competing for your attention verges on the ridiculous. The good news here is that the majority of couriers really can provide first class services at a price that will suit most budgets while avoiding a less than excellent courier should not prove to be too much of a challenge.

No matter which courier you choose though, there will always be a handful of areas where you can make a difference and help ensure that your delivery goes without incident. Perhaps the most obvious of these areas is the way your courier estimates the cost of a given delivery. Most couriers will provide you with a very simple tool that allows you to tell them the basics about what you’re sending and, taking this information, the tool automatically matches your parcel with the best option available. Clearly, the information you provide needs to be as accurate as possible – small errors at this point can all too quickly cascade and become major issues further down the line.

So, what is the most common mistake at this point? Measuring a parcel in the wrong units strangely enough.

Most online couriers will work using the metric system (centimetres and kilograms). If you measure your parcel using inches, pounds and ounces it is not hard to see how the quote you’re given for a delivery is going to be wrong. Even the smallest discrepancy here could lead to a dispute with your courier and result in delays that neither you nor the courier wants.

Enjoy the Payday Now and get the Desired Loan

August 20th, 2012

When you are in the middle of some financial crisis then you should obviously consider for the payday loan in order to recover the expenses. There are different evaluations that are being done by the buyers in order to give such loans. When applying for such loans you will certainly gain a huge knowledge and you will learn the ways through which you can get the desired loan. These are the short term and small loans that get sanctioned and so you get the money and pay all your bills to avoid any unwanted consequences.

There are different benefits that you can gain through the payday now loans:

It is very easy and you can apply at any time. You can also get qualified for this loan without any kind of complication. You just need to fulfill two important criteria that is you should have sufficient income and you should have never failed to repay the previous payday loan in the past.

When you are applying for the loan then your information is kept hidden and it is not disclosed to anybody. They ensure you complete security and the lending institution cannot provide the information to any other companies.

Payday now loans are very short-term and therefore you get the opportunity to pay back the loan as soon as you get your next cheque. It is a highly flexible solution that you can opt for.

It does not follow the regular working hours and so you can obtain the loan in case of any emergency at any point of time without any hurdle. They also have their online presence and so you can apply for it through your internet.

There is no restriction on the usage of the loan and so you can take the loan for any purpose and make it whatever you want. The amount is limited to your income and it is completely based on your income so that the loan is not due to much time and this happens in order to prevent the process of debt. There are not much interest rates charged on the loans.

Logbook Loans – Economic status doesn’t matter anymore

July 30th, 2012

Nowadays most of the common people can’t arrange a lot of money as the economical status of ever individual is not the same. Thus a way has to be found for those who do not actually have a good monetary status but can repay whatever he can take in form of a loan whether for car or for building a house. Moreover if you are planning to buy your dream car, the banks don’t provide loans nowadays if your monetary status is low. Thus it has become a severe issue for the ordinary people to opt for loans in the banks.
However the wait for the loans or the complicacy to avail these loans has now become obsolete due to the introduction of Logbook Loans. In these times, the loans for the bad credits are really the helpful one. Any person who has a logbook loans registered with the name is entitled for the logbook loans. Throughout these types of $500 loans, one who has any dreadful credit history with no fault however gets several chances for improving the monetary status.

Applying through online basically reduces the amount of the paper work or the documentation and aid you to get the loans at any instance of duration even from anyplace across the globe. Thus, whatever might be the credit rating of yours, you need not to worry so much. Throughout these types of loans, one who has any dreadful credit history with no fault however gets several chances for improving the monetary status. Thus, whatever might be the credit rating of yours, you need not to worry so much. You are suitable for availing logbook loans if you can satisfy the mentioned criteria of getting the loans.
All the tax and the insurances which are unpaid on the car have to be paid in full previous to the car logbook is assured for any logbook loan. Whilst the car or the vehicle might carry on being in the possession of the borrower, generally it is logbook which is kept by the loan provider under safety until the full reimbursement of the car loan is completed. Going for an online investigation or research, the borrowers also can acquire the loans at a very cheap rate of interest. This is possible because the antagonism is extremely rigid through online manner of the submission process. The more you surf the more alternatives you can get.

How payday loan online works

June 28th, 2012

Whenever you face an urgency, you search for a financial solution to get your economic condition back to normal. Of late, payday loan online has become quite popular with borrowers since they don’t take much time for approval and there is no need for documentation. Getting a loan from a bank or any other financial services providers takes a lot of time and is full of hassles. A payday loan online can free you from such hassles. Given below are some useful information which will help you understand how these short-term loans work.

How the application procedure of online payday loan works

The application process for these loans is simple and saves time. All your details are dealt in a secret and safe manner and you don’t need to furnish or fax any documents to the prospective lenders. You can compare lenders, do a background check about their customer service and then choose a lender according to your convenience.

The online lenders will ask you to fill out an online application form with basic details like your name, address, and bank account number. If they see that you have a stable source of income, they will approve you for the loan. There is no necessity or compulsion for a credit check which is a huge boon for borrowers. If you don’t have a credit history or your credit history has been severely damaged, your application for the loan will still be accepted. Depending on the level of satisfaction of the lenders, you might qualify for a loan ranging between $500 and $1,500. As soon as you send the application online, the lenders would review it instantly and once approved, the amount will be directly deposited into your account.

Who are eligible for online payday loans?

Remember that in order to qualify for this type of a loan, you have to fulfill the following criteria:
▪ Your age should be at least 18 years and you must hold a citizenship of the United States
▪ You should have a legitimate checking account which has direct deposit facilities
▪ Your monthly income should be minimum $1,000

Payday loans online come with the assistance that you need the most during the time of a contingency. Unforeseen events can happen anytime and you will not have ready cash all the time to tackle them. In this dilemma, a payday loan might seem to be your best friend. Comparing the lenders will help you find the right loan for your requirements.

Know how to get out of debt and stay out of it

June 8th, 2012

When you are in debt and can’t figure your way out, you can take help from Debt Advisers, SC to find your way out of debt. There are various reasons why you fall in debt. The most common of these are bad financial habits. Using multiple numbers of credit cards, not keeping a check on how much bill you are mounting on which card, and not paying the bills on time are some regular habits that make you fall in debt. As you continue with these your debt situation keeps getting worse. Although professional help can get you out of debt trouble, there are some good financial habits you should inculcate to get out of debt and stay out of it. Here are some tips that you can you to reduce your debts.
Pay down high interest debts first – If you are already in debt and have multiple credit card bills to pay back then you should start paying from the debt which has the highest interest rate. You must know that more the interest rate, the more amount of money you have to pay on that debt. Thus if the high interest rate debt remains for a long time you would waste a lot of money on interest payment in the long run. Thus you should first pay off the highest interest rate and then follow it up with the next highest and so on. You should remember that you have to make the minimum payment on all your debts every month. You can then pay some extra for the debt you want to pay off first.
Pay your bills on time – This is extremely important if you want to stay out of debt. You should make it a point to go through all your credit card bills the moment you get them and pay down as much as you can. It also helps to keep a record of how much you are spending on each card so that when you have to pay the bills on all your credit card the amount doesn’t cumulatively become too much for you to pay.

Thus you can see how the above two methods can help you to get out of debt faster and save more money and then help you stay out of debt.

The possible ways to negotiate your debt load

May 31st, 2012

Every U.S citizen possess multiple credit cards that carry an average balance of about $5,800. If you make minimum monthly payments on your cards, then you’ll take at least 30 years to repay the debt and have pay an additional $15,000 as interest. According to the recent survey of the Federal Reserves, credit card purchase has raised up to 112% and over 40% of the U.S families spend more than what they earn every month. According to the reports of the National Association of Realtors, average homeowner who’s staying in the home for about 7.5 years are carrying 8% mortgage. If they sell their home, they will still left to pay 85% of their home loan. If this trend continues, then no one will be able to repay their loans in life time. If you’re dealing with any of such situations, you must opt for debt negotiation so as to reduce your debt load soon.

* How to negotiate debts on your own?

When you’re facing trouble in repaying your debts, you must tell this situation to your creditors. If you think that discussing about your financial hardships with your creditors will disrupt your personal finance, then you’re certainly wrong. Call your respective creditors and tell them about your financial hardships. Be humble and tell them how you’re struggling to repay the loans. Send them a hardship letter and your financial documents as per the required by the creditors. If they get convinced, they will send you set a repayment plan which you must follow to make affordable monthly payments towards your loan. This way you can surely get out of stress.

* Take help of a professional to negotiate with your creditors:

If you’re not confident enough to manage your debts, you can take help of the debt professionals to assist your in reducing the debt load. There are different debt relief programs such as debt consolidation, debt settlement, debt management where you can enroll. They will provide you a negotiator who will negotiate with your creditors either to reduce the interest rates or to wipe of a part of your debt. After proper debt negotiations, they will charge you some fees which you have to pay for the debt assistance.

Thus, even after you have paid down your debts, you must strictly follow a budget and set aside most part of your earning in order to face any type of economic downturn in future.

Bankruptcy – What does the process have in store?

May 15th, 2012

Bankruptcy is usually considered as the last resort to get out of debt as it involves the court and the law and can be a complicated process. Here at we provide you information that can help you through this process. When you file for a bankruptcy, you basically have to hand over the control of your property and your assets to a bankruptcy Trustee. A Trustee is a person appointed by the bankruptcy court who takes control of all your in exchange of providing you protection from any legal action by your creditors. There is no minimum criteria for you to enter into a bankruptcy regarding the amount of debt you owe or the amount of property you have. In the process of bankruptcy, some of your assets might be sold in order to pay your debts. If you have an annual income which is above a certain amount, then you have to make regular monthly payments to your Trustee who will use it to pay your high priority debts. The duration of bankruptcy is usually 3 years, but it can be shortened or extended. After the process is over, all your debts are usually cleared.

When should you go for bankruptcy?

There are times when you wouldn’t have sufficient money to live on if you make all the monthly repayments that you are required to make to your creditors. This is also true if you are living on social security or have a low income such as below $43,000 gross. In such cases you should consider going for a bankruptcy. Once you have filed a bankruptcy, you will no longer be able to sell or deal with most of your assets or the items of value that you possess, the exceptions being the properties that are protected under the Bankruptcy Act. After filing a bankruptcy only the Trustee, ITSA or a registered trustee or a creditor with whom you have a secured only will be able to deal with your assets. The trustee may sell off your assets to pay for the creditors. Assets are defined to be anything of value which belongs to you at the date of bankruptcy along with assets which are acquired by you before the discharge occurs. This includes lottery wins, prizes of value and so on. It also includes your interest in land, money you have in bank accounts and so on. Thus you can go for bankruptcy at such times.

Invest in safe heaven, gold to clear your debt

February 27th, 2012

With the current economic meltdown and post recession hangover, millions of people are struggling to pay off their outstanding balance. If you are current grappling with a huge debt burden and frantically looking for some extra funds to come out of this debt maze, you can try your luck on investment. Many count on investment to earn little extra bucks which can help them to pay off their debts. However, no investment is risk free and can put your into further debt in future. Yet, experts believe gold has a set value that most of the modern fiat currencies lack and therefore involves comparatively lesser risk than any other investment. In fact if the stock market collapses, if you hold physical gold, you can at least secure you financial future as you still possess some real assets. Read on to know how gold investment could be a debt help and can pave the way towards a debt free life,


  • If you are a newbie, try your hands at physical gold investment first. Purchase gold bullion which is solid gold and could be put up for sale in 1-oz. increments.


  • Next, you can purchase gold-associated companies on the stock market. It has an added advantage. Purchasing gold in this manner means you are buying it in the liquid form. It means, no matter what happens to the market, you can easily rely on gold and can earn a good return in future.


  • In fact to earn some quick bucks, you can purchase stock in the SPDR Gold Trust ETF. It is brand new plan to invest in gold. The function of this Exchange-Traded Fund is similar to a stock or mutual fund. The best part here is it never charges any fee from you. It can help you keep a track of the ups and downs of the gold price during investment.



  • Last but not the least; you can consider purchasing and reselling gold jewelry to earn a robust return as well. You can go for large estate sales or large jewelry auctions and can choose various gold jewelries there, at a discounted price. If you have strong observation power and can assess the actual value of a piece of jewelry, it can help you to earn some lucrative profits from reselling the jewelries in the market.



Keep the aforementioned points in mind and generate greater income from is gold investment. Make sure you use the entire profit amount to get rid of your current debts.