No longer interested in gold?

Man dares so hard his eyes. The precious metal is on the retreat. And this in a consistent motion! It seems as if any interest from the market is diminished. But how can that be? The framework has changed in the last few days, hardly anything changed. About us crucial background to this development we have in the: faded glory of the gold (temporarily) from 27.02. noted. We want to first set aside, because the technical aspects are more and more into the foreground.
The correct scenario is the case under 950 USD final shape. At the 900 USD mark, we expect now the choices for the next few weeks. If there is to break this support zone, which is very likely quite rapidly with lower prices in the range 800 friends. That would be our preferred scenario. Recovery movements are given the short-term oversold market technology at any time, but should be limited to 950 USD to stay.

The AMEX Gold Bugs Index, which we always be in our analysis include gold, is also on very shaky legs. Here is the correction has already clearly advanced. The HUI reached its important support zone 270/265 USD, but initially they could defend. But as long as the index is below 300 USD noted, is the scenario of a continuation of the correction to the USD 245 range most likely.

At present we see no signs that new train in the gold price could. Quite the contrary. If the stabilization of the stock markets continue to move forward, could further pressure on the sector. We currently see more opportunities in other commodity areas. In particular, the metal industry is here, in our view, extremely interesting. But that is the topic for tomorrow.

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