HVB Comfort Cap Certificate on Gold – partial guarantee with 50 percent buffer

Currently, the gold price so much in the focus of investors, not as long. If a part of its portfolio assets to the much quoted “safe harbor” would like to confide in, and may be made from a variety of more or less appropriate investment products.
With the currently offered for subscription HVB Comfort Cap-Zertifikat profits of up to a maximum at the full rate rise in the spot price for an ounce of gold within the next four years. In addition, the certificate with a partial guarantee of capital equipment.

The London Gold Market Fixing Ltd. identified gold price of 9.3.09 is used as starting value for the currency-backed certificate serve.

The cap is located at 190 percent of this initial value, participation in a price increase of 100 percent. At 50 percent of the initial value is the barrier.

With an increase in the price of gold investors thus participate in a 1:1 ratio until the cap to the positive performance. If the gold price on the valuation date (4.3.13) against the start value of 80 percent plus, then the repayment of the certificate of 180 Euro. From a gain of 90 percent or more of the cap limits the maximum profit potential, since the certificate even if a price increase of more than 90 percent with 190 Euro will be eradicated.

If the gold price does not go well as expected, then protects the partial capital guarantee against losses. If the gold price during the entire duration never at or below the barrier of 50 percent of the initial value listed, then the certificate at the end with 100 percent of issue price is refunded. If the threshold, however, touched, then the repayment of the certificate with the actual percentage value in the gold price

The HVB Comfort Cap certificate on gold, ISIN: DE000HV5AKG0, run until 11.3.13, 6.3.09 is still up to 100 euros, plus 1.5 per cent initial charge can be drawn.

Certificates Report Conclusion: The HBV comfort cap on gold certificate offers a simple way, a balanced portfolio collected a pinch of gold intended. The limitation of the earnings potential of 90 percent is acceptable offsetting transaction to the partial capital guarantee that losses of up to 50 percent during the period neutralized. Ideally of course, if the barrier only at maturity would be active.

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