Guide to Buying Gold

Those who wish to invest in gold because they do not trust the governments and financial institutions will probably find more comfort from investing in physical gold rather than paper or electronic certificates representing gold.
Gold buying is easy as long as it is to buy gold. Three simple steps, you only need to make to acquire gold.

Decide how much you want to spend and what you want to buy (coins, bars).
Call for a gold dealer to go to a bank or on the Internet: Is there a stock and how much is the price? Compare!
Take the same way (take cash with you) or simply order.
The purchase of gold is actually not significantly different from the purchase of a book – apart from the price: one must know what you want, where you buy it or can order or otherwise acquire.

Before the purchase of physical gold, you should obviously superior, why you want to buy gold. Gold is rare for a quick profit, gold investors think more in decades! Gold is a currency crisis, especially popular: it is on currency reforms, depressions and wars. Those who fear the financial crisis, often on gold.

How much is actually gold worth?
The price of gold is subject to a high variability – it can change within minutes! About the current gold price, you can see at our homepage.

Of course everyone wants the lowest possible initial price catch. In a financial crisis but even so-called experts say impossible, where the price is hinentwickeln. It is generally assumed that he is in a deflationary downward and in an upward inflation developed (or in a hyper-inflation will shoot to the top). But here you have to be on his own belly and mind to leave. It is an investment with risk. When you first feel for the price to get, you can on the Internet with an overview of the development of recent decades provide.

The gold price is usually in euros or dollars, and usually refers to one ounces An ounce of gold is exactly 31.1034768 grams

In what form can you buy gold?
Most common and best resellers are coins, ingots and jewelry of course:

Appendix coins by governments around the world issued. You can use them in various denominations to buy: 1 / 10 ounces, ¼ oz, ½ oz or 1 ounces The best known is the coin Krugerrand from South Africa with a gold content of 91.66%. Other investment coins, for example, the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra from Austria (gold content of 99.99%) or the panda from China (with 99.90%). How expensive is it a coin depends on the current market value from. A coin is more expensive than gold bullion, because there is an extra plus.
Gold bars are also in different denominations: Small gold bars are from one gram to 1,000 gram ingot Who to prepare for times of crisis, wants to buy, should keep in mind that it might be difficult, with a 1,000 grams gold bars to buy a loaf of bread. Bars contain at least 99.5% fine gold.
In jewelry you should, of course the weight and gold content knowledge. It also means the skill of working with account. It is important here, with an expert to buy or to request a certificate, for example, auctions. In times of gold was prohibited this form of gold investment is particularly popular and quickly left his gold jewelry in the process.
Where can I buy gold?
You can still with some banks to buy gold – just ask. Mostly it is even there customer. In general, bars and coins soon be – sometimes they have something available. At Postbank, you can simply order online gold and delivery. At Bank as a customer, you can simply order.

Where can you store gold?
A bank locker is inexpensive and relatively safe, provided the content of insured and properly documented. However, the gold in certain exceptional cases, be seized, for example in certain court decisions.

Those who did not leave, you can look for other storage facilities of valuables around. Some gold dealers offer with the purchase of storage at – of course against such fees. It depends on the volume of the gold value.

Others prefer to leave their gold at home: They buried it in the garden, or hide it in the house, possibly built in a safe or a cash box. Here, of course, threatens the theft risk.