Gold Nugget Invest

Arbitrage has been popular in some circles online for quite a few years. I had tested a few programmes myself. I saw the potential but wasn’t terribly interested in sports. So, I gave it up. But, there is no question that returns like the 6% per week are very possible in Sports Arbitrage and the risk is .000001%. Very low risk. Hence, GNI is able to make bold claims of guaranteeing these returns. It is not pie in the sky for such trading systems. They give all the details and performance history, etc. on the above interview. My sponsor has been invested and withdrawing funds since May 2008. They have been online since October 2006 and was apparently running a small pool before that.

This has been a very nice program offering 2 plans a weekly fixed plan offering 6% earnings weekly and a daily variable plan which pays a variable amount depending on performance and averaging about 1% per business day. The minimum investment in the daily plan is $20 and the minimum in the weekly plan is $50.

The easiest way to grasp the concept of arbitrage is to use an example of which everyone is familiar:

Baseball NBA – Match: Dallas Mavericks vs Detroit Pistons – October 15, 2009 – Selection 1: Dallas Mavericks at odds of 1.47 with betfair – Selection 2: Detroit Pistons at odds of 4.05 with Pinnacle – Guaranteed Return: about 7.85%.

A correctly staked wage of £2,000 guarantees a return of £2,157.96, respectively £2,154.60 whatever the outcome of the match.

The above information tells us that the Dallas Mavericks and the Detroit Pistons are competing. It also tells us that betfair have odds of 1.47 for the match to be won by the Dallas Mavericks, and Pinnacle have odds of 4.05 for the match to be won by the Detroit Pistons.

By applying a simple mathematical formula to those odds, we are able to calculate that we can cover both possible outcomes of the bet and make a guaranteed 7.85% profit.

We would place our bets in proportion to the odds on each possibility. The amount to bet on each outcome is calculated using a simple formula. £1,468 staked on Dallas Mavericks at odds of 1.47 to return $£2,157.96 and £532.00 on Detroit Pistons at odds of 4.05 to return £2,154.60. Therefore we have staked a total of £2,000 and the bets return a risk free profit – despite the outcome.

Gold Nugget Invest is a risk free arbitrage betting pool program that was started in October of 2006. The program has over 6000 members that are in profit using one of the three customized plans. The minimum investment amount is $50 and members can invest up to $50,000 and the investments will generate a minimum of 6% and up to 7.5% each and every week.

I joined about last month, as I was starting to venture into HYIP world. I stumbled upon this gem, which is one of the longest lasting and paying in the world. What is so amazing for me is I earn residual income every week, about 6-9% of my money invested!

They invest in the gold industry, and I highly believe they are legit, and you just have to wait it out and paid. NOW, these sites are filled with risk, and if they lose money, you will not get paid.

I know I was worried because it was like giving my money to get paid, but what the heck, life is with risks! I invest $50 from not well known processor, Liberty Reserve, a system like Paypal. It was credited instantly and the next week, I got $4.50 into my account. Not bad at all.

If you are new to HYIP, I highly recommend you try it, but remember you can’t use Paypal to invest.