Gold Jewelry Buyers

You can being your search for reputable gold jewelry buyers buy using a major search engine, online yellow pages, blogs, forums, and review sites. You will find customer experiences, feedback, ratings, comments and evaluations on a gold buyer.

Turns out investors there have caught on to the recent surge in gold and thus, have started buying up lots of it. Gold (GLD) bars, coins – anything they can get their hands on. Within two to three years, these gold investors are poised to usurp jewelry buyers as the kings of gold.

A physical store will require you to spend money in terms of gas and time. You will have to stand in line and visit too many locations just to get an unsuitable quote. These types of stores have high overhead expenses that an online dealer does not incur.

Some analysts say they expect gold prices to gradually march higher in 2010, regardless of periodic corrections. A rise in investment demand on inflation expectations and for currency diversification purposes has more than offset the weakness in the jewelry sector with overall gold demand in the first half at 1,744 tons, compared with 1,520 tons in the first half of 2008, according to Gold Fields Mineral Services data.

Here, the best value will be determined by your personal tastes. But do expect to pay a premium for jewelry crafted by a well-known artist, says Matlins, or for a piece with an intricate design. “You pay for the artistry in gold jewelry, as you would for a painting,” she says. Gold filigree, for example, is created by pounding gold into thin wire, which is then twisted into a complex pattern and surrounded by a stronger gold frame. Check the piece for a manufacturer’s trademark (usually found near the karat mark). High-end goldsmiths include this so the piece — and its quality — can be traced back to them.