Gold Earrings

In Germany, it was usually necessary 333er and 585 gold used. Adorned with gold earrings are the various precious stones, precious stones, precious stones, glass or beads. Its shape that there are small plugs, rings, pendants and also abundant. Size and weight can not exceed a certain value, since the capacity of the ear and ear hole is unlimited.

Development and cultural significance of gold earrings

Between 7500 and 8200 was in Mongolia, or more precisely found in the city of Chifeng, the oldest earring. Jade, several pairs were found.
In many cultures around the world men and women wear earrings, the majority being women. Some cultures, with corresponding increase their ears pierced earrings, even in this country, this trend can be observed. Gold earrings while not suitable to be used in such a punching holes or with the help of appropriate Dehnsicheln larger ears pierced.
When the sailors gold earrings were very popular. The value of the earrings reflected the price of a burial according to Christian tradition. When a sailor died due to accidents and Christians were forced to land him, they financed his funeral with his earrings.
During the 19th or 20 Century European men rarely wore earrings, most of these were also no gold earrings. In the 17th and 18 Century, however, were widespread and earrings for men. We see this even in paintings from this period. Men and boys from the 70s wearing an earring in his left ear, and later, in the late 80s, the lords of creation in pairs, wearing earrings.

Gold earrings feature affiliations

The membership of a particular profession was symbolized in the Middle Ages through earring. Again, it was the gold earrings, ensured the death of a Christian burial. Offended against a guild member of the guild system, it was torn out of his earring. Thus, the term “Bandit” was born.

Medical importance of gold earrings

Had a patient in the 17 Century, an eye disease, the medical school then grabbed Haarseilmethode to pierce the lobe. There were also books on folk medicine, in 18-19. Century recommended to wear gold earrings for eye ailments. End of the 19th Century middle-class girls were given before they were enrolled, a pair of children’s earrings, then these were not simple gold wires with coral for protection.

Why gold earrings?

Many people, about half to 2 thirds, are allergic to metal jewelry. Especially nickel is a known allergen. Pure metals, however, are neutral on the skin, where, however, can be oxidized alloys. Loosen it up, it may be that they lead to inflammation. Therefore, gold earrings are a good choice, especially when you have new ears pierced can sting.