Gold Cell Phone

The Gold Cell, developed with Motorola Dolce & Gabbana. This RARZ V3i wurdedas tuned with precious metal. Functionalities, such as MP3 players and high-megapixel camera is included in the luxury gold cell phone as well with the other models. Thus, the phone is not only visually strikingly attractive special united in its interior, advanced technologies and possibilities of mobile technology.
The Gold Mobile is not necessarily inexpensive. But who wants to call such a luxury model of his own, the attacks also like to once more deeply into their pockets. Few distributors, specialized boutiques and Internet portals carry this model. Thus, it is already a cult and become a collector’s item that is in high demand.
The inexpensive alternative to the Motorola Gold Sagem mobile phone has. Here, candidates must be going deep into their pockets. It is exactly like the model of the manufacturer Motorola is a Limited Edition. In the Sagem mobile phone has an exceptionally light weight and a long talk and standby time.

What do you win with gold cell phone?

Some models have their gild the outside, the other using the inside of Mobile Gold. The producers in Australia want the precious metals and commodities, which are included in cell phones to recycle. It is for silver, nickel and gold. 50,000 shares of recycled phones correspond to about one kilo of gold. Mobile phones contain many precious metal in the jewelry or stainless steel production could be used to 90% again. In addition, a gold phone also includes contaminants such as zinc, mercury, lead, nickel, cadmium, copper and arsenic.

Useful life with gold cell phone

Just as typically a mobile phone is certainly a gold is not used for more than two years since then have often already developed newer opportunities and technical additions. In Germany, from the mobile phones around 5 thousand tons of electronic waste. An old gold cell phone is made just like everyone else in the mobile phone shops, where it is then disposed of.
Phones that are still functional, are shipped to developing countries or to charities each 5 euros will be paid if the phone was returned.