Gold Brooch

A noble gold brooch adds value to each garment. This timeless and elegant piece of jewelry comes in many different shapes, sizes and designs. Jewelers also like to decorate the brooches with precious stones. High-quality classical pieces created for every occasion, taste and budget.

History of Gold Brooch

Originally, the name comes from the French by broche “,” which translates something like needle or skewer means. In the 15th and 16 Century the brooch in Germany under the name “F├╝rspann on”, in ancient times they were called “fibula) (spoke. The basic idea of the brooch gold, as we still know today, the needle that is used for fixing. It is decorated with silver, precious stones, gold, pearls, rhinestones or glass. So he was probably already in the 17th Century in a luxurious version of Madame de Sevigne worn at the court of King Louis XIV.
Even today, a brooch with a gold lapel pin is attached to the garment. With the closure of the original pin works just like a safety pin. Gradually, the cap forms developed. So today, for example, magnetic locks in use.
Was formerly a jewelry gold brooch, the ladies wore in her bosom, so enjoy today and the lords of creation in a high-quality gold brooch and wear it for example on the lapel of her jacket. Another popular way carrying a gold brooch, especially among the ladies who are also the hat or lapel of the Blazers. Even a scarf or shawl can confer with a brooch gold an attractive touch.

How do I get a gold brooch?

The walk to the jeweler is the one way, a tasteful gold brooch, found to match the outfit. Even on the Internet offer many possibilities. So you can catch on the Web, even a failed specimen, there is no longer on the market to buy. Often, jewelry stocks or entire collections are inherited, among whom is at least one gold brooch.