Gold as an investment

Stimuli, risks, fluctuations, trends and observations

Gold has been ages since the asset itself. Whether you are a piece of jewelry or in times of crisis. Lasting beauty is associated with long-term impairment.

Gold as an asset has an ancient tradition. It has its foundation in the dual recognition that gold by its properties as a precious metal of both the ideal raw material for jewelry of lasting beauty, as well as the ideal and geringvolumige Keeper of lasting economic value. Gold has, especially in the minds of people who feel safe value. It is par for the crisis facility.

Fluctuations and a constant increase
Obviously, gold investment value as a considerable fluctuation. Fluctuations, which are not rare even in a short time twenty-twenty-five percent could. It is important however to bear in mind: gold is in the past ten years, with all variations seen steadily risen in value. It has retained its value, what of the currencies may not always say. And not only over the past decade, but even over centuries.

Gold manageable quantity
The available quantity of gold is and will remain manageable in the long term. The actual quantities of gold are known, the expected flow rates for the coming years is no secret. So it can all assess for themselves how the development of the market to consider. Moreover, the central banks in recent months, tons of gold on the market have given.

Certificate or Real Gold
Gold certificates seem tempting. But: It has been like the cash – except paper – nothing in his hand. Paper but may once again be patient. This question each must decide for themselves. The garden, between Rose and elder, buried ingots help but no further. He is quick drittbeg├╝nstigend excavated and disappeared forever. The same applies to other hiding places in the home.

Problem: Security
What remains is to secure the safe custody of the Bank of confidence. Were it but to the great crash, so we should all expect that the banks for some time their operation would have to completely adjust. There would even be close to cash. Access to the gold would be lost. If the state banks to tap the fingers should be – to say, the vaults would be temporarily closed – would be the same problem.

Private ownership of gold was prohibited
There were countries where the private ownership of gold was forbidden. That was not only in the People’s Republic of China shall, or in the “Greater German Reich”, but even once, who would have thought, in the U.S.. Sure is a gold bar from a kilo or more for investment gold. Surely not a plant but is a gold coin, if they are “gehenkelt” and as jewelry may be worn. The artistic boundaries for the lady of the necklace are no limits. And even the Lord could be cultivated again for the traditional watch chain Annex I decide …

Gold in any denomination
Gold in any denomination: Big bars are purchasing undoubtedly cheaper. In an emergency they would be but little worth in goods meet daily needs in order to set. It would be a virtually unusable value. Small denominations – especially coins – are practically perfect – but also in the acquisition more expensive. And what amount, what proportion of assets you should invest in gold – which must now as at any time of the individual decide for themselves. In no case should you invest money in gold, which is in a very short time. Gold is a long-term investment.

Gold is not on the street corner to buy
And gold, you should not participate in any street corner to buy. For gold, there are well-known, tried and trusted institutions. Which would be a layman, but “Kruger Rand” in brass (gold) by a real asset value differ? Caution is also better than indulgence. The responsibility for his savings to pay any ultimate itself

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