Gold against unemployment?

With a shovel and sieve to millionaire: President Medvedev raises hopes for the American Dream and allows its citizens the gold mining. Given the crisis could be unemployed and pensionersĀ could lostĀ something.
President Dmitri Medvedev wants its citizens trial gold prospecting permit. “We should give it a try,” said the Kremlin chief and dismissed the government to grant the necessary permission for the mineral resources area of Magadan in the Far East of Russia to examine, reported the daily newspaper “Izvestia”. Officially, the state holds the monopoly in the gold mining.

Rising unemployment makes Russia to create. The Kremlin boss indicated that the number of unemployed in the country was a result of the financial crisis at six million.

Russia is one of the main support of the precious metal Nations worldwide. Gold enjoys in times of crisis, a strong demand. Even the little people is now at the big business mitverdienen.

Many of the unemployed and pensioners would be ready to dig for gold in the rivers to seven or former spoil heaps of gold deposits through, wrote “Izvestia”.

The catch: To permit could only be granted for parcels in which no significant occurrences are registered.

Gold is regarded as supposedly safe haven in times of crisis. Already in the last year had the unusual hobby on the Rhine is experiencing a boom.

Due to the strong price increases recreational miners tried their luck – with a low yield, however.

The global economic crisis had the price of gold recently over $ 1000 per ounce (31.1 grams) driven. On Monday, the cost of ounce of gold in London, $ 918.

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