Gold 750

With 750 gold is an alloy that is not as well known as 333er or 585 gold. This is also called high-grade gold crown gold with a purity of 18 carat is still used in Germany in the jewelry manufacture the most. Gold 750 has very good processing properties. In addition, it has a particularly rich and lively color. They range from white, yellow, pink and orange to strong reds.

Properties of gold 750

This gold is a very high quality gold, which does not tarnish. Thus, the 750 gold, holds what is expected generally of gold jewelry. Gold 333 Gold and 375 other hand, are in fact due to their material composition does not sheltered from the start. 750 gold) is easily destroyed only by the King of Acid (aqua regia acid-resistant and otherwise. Under regia refers to a mixture of one part concentrated nitric acid and three parts concentrated hydrochloric acid. Gold 750 generally shows a relatively small melting interval. It’s good solder, form and pourable and hardens strongly.

What is Gold 750?

Gold 750 has a purity of 18 carats. There is always about ¾ of gold. Added to silver and / or copper. Further alloy additions are nickel, cadmium, zinc, palladium or tin. Be punched in Germany from 750 gold jewelry with the appropriate hallmark “750″ Will.

What colors can have 750 gold?

The gold content is always in 75.0%. If we add no silver or copper, but other ingredients, such as palladium and nickel. In this combination, Premium White is created when one admits only nickel, standard white. White gold is formed. With a silver content of 25.0% green gold is created with a blassgelbgrünen color. Paired with shares of 12.5 silver and copper produced yellow gold. If we add to the gold or 9.0% silver and 16.0% copper added, you get pink gold. Orange Gold is produced by the addition of 25.0% copper. For pink gold you need apart from the 750 gold as much as 4.5% silver and 20.5% copper.