American Buffalo Gold Coins

American Buffalo gold coins are also known as gold buffalo. These are 24-karat gold bullion coins that were introduced to the United States Mint back in 2006. It was made available for shipment in the same year. American Buffalo gold coins are known for its designs. The most popular is the Indian Head nickel, therefore earning the nickname from the American Bison.

This was the first time that the US government has minted pure 24-karat gold coins for the public to collect. The coin has a face value of $50 dollars. The initial price of the collector’s item back in 2006 was $800. The price for the proof coin a year after its distribution was $899.95.

American buffalo gold coins are beautiful pieces of art but before buying them just for that take a look at your goals and priorities that you have for your investment money. This is a choice that you cannot be irrational about because it does concern in many cases thousands of dollars and you will not want to make that kind of mistake. There is a lot of information concerning these coins over the internet that you can read and it would be to your benefit if you did just that.

American Buffalo gold coins are relatively new to the gold coin scene, having only recently been produced and made available for those of us who want to buy gold.  Like their American Eagle gold coin brethren (bet you didn’t know a buffalo could be related to an eagle), these Buffalo gold coins carry a U.S. Governmental guarantee as to the quality and quantity of gold in each coin.  This ensures that the Buffalo gold bullion will be recognized in markets around the world the values won’t be called into question. Buffalo gold won’t be hard to buy, as long as you do a bit of simple research, and there are many dealers selling it.

To meet the demand of investors who seek the purest investment gold possible, the US Mint supplies a 1-ounce .9999 fine (24 Karat) legal tender $50 gold bullion coin based on the classic 1913 “buffalo nickel” designed by the world famous sculptor James Earle Fraser. You can view the design for the coin’s obverse and reverse below at left. The obverse features the classic profile of a Native American. The reverse features a majestic buffalo.