585 Gold

585 is used very often in the field of jewelry manufacturing. He who has gold jewelry at home and take a closer look at these, will find that the number is stamped 585th

How important is 585 Gold?

For the production of gold jewelry should not be too soft. Pure gold is relatively soft and therefore gold is hardened for the jewelry manufacturing. By the alloy with platinum and silver, then arises the 585 Gold or the 333 gold.

The term carat gold at 585

For the indication of the purity of gold content, the term is used carats. The name stands for Einkar├Ątiges Gold 1 / 24 share of gold and 23/24 other metals. At 585-carat gold is the name 14.04 carats.

Jewelry and 585 Gold

Most wedding rings are made of 585 gold, since they are supposed to last a lifetime and not deform. Straight women love jewelry that was made of 585 gold, here is the usually very durable jewelry. The treads are made as a rule, from 585 gold. The 585 Gold is used in the jewelry industry and is often also very popular among customers.