24 Karat Gold

The statement marks the carat weight of precious metals such as gold. In addition, the purity of precious stones in carats is specified. Most are in addition to the materials used in a number of gold pieces, which then gives the number of carats gold content, the ratio of gold and other materials. Most will be processed in addition to copper, gold or silver in jewelry. With 24 carats of fine gold is very pure gold 999th

For a partition of the gold content is used for 24. Thus, the gold einkarätige contains 1 / 24 gold content, which corresponds to 4.166 percent, or 41.66 per thousand. The remaining 23/24 units are claimed by other materials. Theoretically, 24-carat gold would mean that even 24/24 percentages correspond to gold. However, one can remove a purely technical, not all contaminants completely. Therefore, the gold content is estimated at 99.9% and 24 carat gold is then be 999 gold. If one wishes to determine the purity of the gold processing in pieces, it will work here with 1000 steps. Then a gold content of 58.5% in the metal means that it is 585 gold.

What fineness there are only 24 carat gold to?

24 carat gold is shown as 999 gold, and even with such a high content of pure gold with pure gold. It is followed by gold 900, this is Münzgold with a purity of 21.6 carats. 750 gold equivalent to a 18-carat gold. The most significant of the two jewelry gold, 585 gold has a value of 14.04 carats. 333er Gold contrast, the equivalent of 8 carats.

There are also gold values of 583.33 = 14 carats and 375, representing a 9-carat gold. Other countries have the fineness of gold, which are no longer common in Germany or are not used then. Among the 500 gold is generally unknown. In France, for example 840 gold. Additional content Feingold could not prevail because of the not so ideal material properties, such as here, the 250s of gold.

Carat is the way, abbreviated kt so 24 carat gold has a gold concentration of ct 24th The abbreviation C embossing on the other hand, are found in watch cases.

24 carat gold for consumption

In restaurants will make 24-carat gold eaten and drunk. For example, roasting or desserts with this high-quality precious metals are gold plated. For drinks there are more sparkling wine or liqueur. That must only gold with a purity of 23 or 24 carat gold is used up. 24 carat gold on food and drink affects only visually appealing, the taste of her, it is neutral. Because of the tiny quantities that are consumed, but there is no health risk.

Where is 24 carat gold used?

There are 24-carat solid gold and a gold plating. Unusual pieces are plated with 24 carat gold. Often such gilding is for example in candlesticks or vases used. More rarely there are 24 carat gold for cars, motorcycle helmets or beds. There are even florist who specializes in gilding Blumensorgen and plants with 24 carat gold.